Haldi Kum-Kum Programme by Mulund Bunts Ladies Wing 23/08/2013 Speaking as Chief Guest, on the occasion of Haldi Kum-Kum Programme organized by Mulund Bunts Ladies Wing at the banquet hall of Shilpa Residency, Mulund Check naka, Dr.Satyaprakash Shetty,a renowned Paediatrician, President of Mulund Bunts said that the financial independence is a must for women empowerment. India is a country of rich cultural heritage and the women of the country occupy the centre stage and aptly depict it. Though women in India are held at very high esteem, they were subjected to exploitation since ages. Lack of education could be attributed to be one of the reasons for such exploitation. Nowadays it is not only the men who are responsible for such exploitations, women too are part of exploitation of women. These days women are to be blamed more than men for female infanticide. Instead of rejoicing the birth of a baby girl, she is looked down with hatred, which is pathetic and highly deplorable . Dr.Satyaprakash said, we are in the 21st century. Women are educated and empowered.While being good home-makers,they should take interest in the business / profession of their husbands, take advantage of 30% reservation in politics for women and come forward to build a strong society. He said the performance of Mulund Bunts Ladies Wing, during the last 7 years, in the social, cultural and spiritual fields are commendable and praiseworthy. Speaker, Advocate Chandrakala Shetty spoke on empowerment of women, said Science and Technology are taking the driver’s seat and the world is marching very fast. Unless we are alert and keep ourselves abreast of what is happening around us, we can easily be deceived and taken for a ride. She therefore, advised the members to be aware of their rights and safeguard themselves with its help. She advised the women and passed on certain piece of advice and said, birth certificate of the child is a very very important document. It is important to register the correct name of the child in the school at the time of admission. Registration of marriage and obtaining certificate is very important.Writing the “WILL” avoids unnecessary problems after one’s death. Adhering to these precautions could safeguard us from unwanted perils. Dr. Sangeeta Shetty, an eminent Gynaecologist and Obstetrician of Mulund emphasized the importance of health, regular health check-up and advised the members to take advantage of the forthcoming Medical Camps being organized by Mulund Bunts on 29/09/13. Smt. Sangita Shitole, a beauty therapist demonstrated the art of Sari Draping and Hair Styling and also passed on other beauty tips to the members. Dr. Satya Shetty Chairperson, Mulund Bunts Ladies Wing, welcomed the guests and said Haldi Kum-Kum Programme is a meaningful and happy occasion for the members of Mulund Bunts ladies to get – together, have fun and fellowship, exchange pleasantries participate and involve themselves in spiritual activities. She urged the members for their whole-hearted co-operation, participation and support in the activities of Mulund Bunts and take it to greater heights. Dr.Satya also appealed the members to work hard to make the Exhibition-cum-sale organized by Mulund Bunts Ladies Wing on 31-8-2013, a grand success. Dr. Shruti Sudhir Shetty sung invocation song. Smt. Meenakshi R Shetty, Smt. Vinoda R.K.Chowta, Smt.Mallika S. Shetty, Smt.Shashiprabha Shetty, Smt. Pratibha Shetty, Smt, Sarita Shetty participated in Bhajan.Program was compered by Smt. Aarti Yogesh Shetty.Vice-Chairperson Mulund Bunts Ladies Wing, Smt. Mamta Manohar Shetty proposed vote of thanks. Office-bearers, Committee Members and members of Mulund Bunts Ladies Wing were present in large numbers. Mr. Vivek Shetty,Mr. S. B. Shetty, Mr. Manohar Shetty, Mr. Shantaram Shetty, Mr.Manmohan Konde , Mr. Sudarshan Hegde, Mr. Santosh Shetty, Mr. Venugopal Shetty, Mr. Mohandas Shetty, Mr. Satish Shetty, Mr. Jaya Sooda, Mr. Vitthal Rai, Mr. Harashavardhan Shetty, Mr. Anand Shetty, Mr. Kitta Shetty, Mr.Udaykumar Shetty, Mr. Shankar Shetty, Smt. Lata.P Shetty, Smt. Lata J. Shetty, Smt. Kalpana Shetty, Smt. Asha Shetty and Smt . Nagaveni Shetty attended the progaramme. Programme followed by lunch.