ImageMember of the bunt community have made significant contribution to all walk of public life in Mumbai. With their enterprising spirit, industry and hard work, the bunts have strengthened the economy of the Mumbai and Maharastra at large. In fact there is hardly any field of human endeavour where the bunts have not ventured and succeeded. It is indeed heartening to know that Bunts from Karnatka residing in Mulund, Mumbai will be working for social interaction and financial upliftment of fellow members through the new organization besides offering medical assistance and employment counseling to weaker section of society.


The objective of forming Mulund Bunts was very simple, none of us are having vested interests but the goal was to know each other, help each other. Our vision is clear, goals are set. We want to reach the grass root level, many Bunts may not aware that there are many Bunt families in Mulund who cannot afford education to their children, medical treatment against critical illness. We are open, ready to work with any other Bunt Organization who are doing yeomen service for the upliftment of the poor Bunt Families.